It begins randomly on Friday night 31 January 2020, I was creating "Someday I'll give you flowers..." and thinking "what if I made an artwork for each days of February, I mean, it's the shortest month of the year, 29 images couldn't be that hard".....booooooyyyyy I was wrong!
It was relatively easy at first, since I managed to create the first 5 images in 2 days so I kinda ahead for at least 3 days.
It goes on as if it's a normal day, everyday, opening Photoshop at night and spend the time stacking layers upon layers, adjustments after adjustments until one day during the 3rd week, everything stops!
I. Hit. A. "Wall".
The 3rd week was the hardest. It was the week where I had to remake 2 of the old artwork just to keep up. I browse a lot during this time, watched a lot of Youtube tutorials, exploring Instagram, Behance and Deviantart, doing anything just to get inspired again.
I force myself to create something, but as you all might know if you force something you won't get the things you wanted. "Eclipses" is the example of this. Even when I see it again I still don't like it, I don't even know what I was thinking back then.
Taking a break surprisingly helps, using the "Universe is in Us" as buffer. From there somehow everything is slowly returning to normal. It is still heavy but not as it was. The final week went easier than the third.
"Reminiscence" was always planned to be the final image for this series, but I have to post it earlier on because I don't have any image to post for 28 February.

So why do number 29 was never posted until today? You asked.
Because I haven't made the image, I have lost interest during the first month of the lockdown and only began creating again last week. Which is why number 29 was kinda stalled for about more than a month.
Now, the series is over. All of the 29 images are already published.

It was a fun challenge and it proves that you can do anything if you set your mind to it. I am considering doing it again sometime in the future. But for now, please stay home and stay healthy.

I/XXIX One day I'll give you flowers...
II/XXIX Cloudy minds, crowded thoughts
III/XXIX I dreamed not so long ago
IV/XXIX The Golden Hours
V/XXIX Life Circles
VII/XXIX Ghislain, the great grandson of man
IX/XXIX Candle. The Light Within Us
XI/XXIX The Invaders
XII/XXIX The City, Sleeps
XIV/XXIX ...not for Vendetta
XV/XXIX The Rainbow
XVI/XXIX Interstellar Job Applications
XVII/XXIX Mountains
XVIII/XXIX O - remake
XX/XXIX Finding Mood
XXI/XXIX Eclipses
XXII/XXIX The Universe is in Us - remake
XXIII/XXIX The Magnificent Lion's Mane
XXV/XXIX Miles of Clouds
XXVI/XXIX I Will Go Down Swinging
XXVII/XXIX The Butterfly Effect
XXVIII/XXIX Reminiscence
XXIX/XXIX The Glorious Army of the Endtimes
Thank you very much!
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